Xuwoni Tora

Xuwoni Tora is an Assamese music (audio CD) album from S.M.Production. A collection of songs and poems by Dimbeswar Neog.

Life and Works

Dimbeswar Neog is one of the most illustrious and outstanding personality of modern Assamese literature and language.

Family & Friends

Born in a village of Sibsagar, Assam, Neog spent his childhood days amidst the colourful glee of nature.

Indradhenu Poet

History is indeed made up of significant events which shape our future and outstanding people who influence our destiny.

Scholar Par Excellence

Dimbeswar Neog will go down the pages in the history of Assamese literature as a great poet and historian.

Objectives and Vision

Dimbeswar Neog – Ajaleetora Neog Xuworoni Saurabh Samiti is a committee dedicated to revive the works of the legendary writer, poet and scholar Dimbeswar Neog.We also believe that the scholar deserves being remembered by more than the intellectual community in which he was a figure of far more importance.

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