Objectives & Vision

Objectives and Vision

Dimbeswar Neog – Ajaleetora Neog Xuworoni Saurabh Samiti is a committee dedicated to revive the works of the legendary writer, poet and scholar Dimbeswar Neog.We also believe that the scholar deserves being remembered by more than the intellectual community in which he was a figure of far more importance. Another objective is to sincerely acknowledge, appreciate, respect the legends contribution to our culture, language and society.The committee consists of members who selflessly are committed to their efforts in remembering the writer and keeping his works alive. We hereby also applaude and thank each and every member of this Samiti for their dedication and contribution.

The first Dimbeswar Neog memorial meeting was organized by Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1969. On account of his birthday in the same year a meeting was held at Ajaleetora Bhavan premises under the supervision of Neog’s oldest son Basanta Mangal Neog. This meeting was attended by distinguished guests and renowned literary personalities of Asom. His contempories including Chandra Prasad Saikia, Kumar Kishore, Dr Maheswar Neog, Jogesh Das, Dr Promod Bhattacharya, Dr Kalinath Sarma to name a few. Since 1979, this memorial meeting was later on for the first time formally organized publicly for the greater interest of the people at Bhagawati Prasad Barua Bhavan.Ever since then, the memorial meeting has been regularly held every year in various venue like Nabin Bordoloi Hall, Lakhi Ram Barua Sadan, Gauri Sadan, Simanta Sankardev Kalakhetra, Cotton College, Bibekananda Cultural auditorium, Bhagawati Prasad Barua Bhavan- Ghy.